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The Atlas/Explore Section
the main priority was to look into map making and research the elements of how to construct them. Some of the maps I found interesting were story maps, researching video game maps, and most importantly, the maps of W. E. B. Du Bois. Inspired by the narrative building of Westworld, I used the show as a guide to creating an immersive experience.  Stylistically, this was constructed to take the viewer into the mind of the creator. Since the mind is not connected to time, this design is meant to act as a liminal space. Neither here nor there, simply existing.
IMMERSED - The Animated Map guides the viewer through the creative skillset
CONNECTIVITY - Map influenced by story maps, to discuss and show links between projects and the network.
LEGENDS - Stories you've been told, things you believe to be true, and what you would like to challenge. 
BLUEPRINTS - Showing the conceptualization and design process.
A timeline of my creative history. All visual assets are original photos and works. 
This is an extra detail to prompt the viewer to book their experience in this speculative world.

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